Tornos news | The Japanese Festival 2022 returns to the Greek capital of Athens


The Japanese Festival is the only collective presentation of Japan in all aspects of its culture organized in Greece, with the aim of introducing the general public to Japanese culture, traditional art and modern pop culture!

After the first successful Japanese festival in 2019, which brought together 5,000 people, we aim to become an organization to spread Japanese culture in Greece, according to a message released by the festival organizers.

The main objective of the event is to bring together all people, companies, organizations and people seriously connected with Japan under the auspices of a large unified event that includes a large number of exhibitors, presentations, workshops, d events, etc. !

Traditional Japanese culture, anime and manga, video games, cosplay, martial arts, music, cinema, art, food, and more than we’ve ever seen in Greece, all in one place!

The Japanese Festival is organized by the Greek Association of Traditional Japanese Art and Culture in cooperation with the “Athens Bushido Center” under the auspices of the “Greek-Japanese Association” and UNESCO Islands and Piraeus, and hosted by the Seraphion of the Municipality of Athens. We invite you to the unique festival of traditional and modern culture “Japanese Festival 2022”!

At the Japanese festival you can see:

14 Japanese thematic and artistic exhibitions (kimono, bonsai, origami, sumi-e, photography, Japanese objects, presentation of works by street artist AITO KITAZAKI).
21 Japanese culture workshops (calligraphy, tea ceremony, sumi-e, origami, Japanese bookbinding, sushi, Japanese percussion, sumo, handling of the Japanese sword, etc.)
12 performances of Japanese culture on the main stage (music, dance, kimono, technique, cosplay, etc.)
8 performances on Japanese themes
4 live broadcasts from Japan
20 exhibitors on Japanese subjects
20 Japanese artists and designers
demonstrations of martial arts and other Japanese arts
cosplay photo/video booth, cosplay workshop,
cosplay parade
Retro and modern Japanese video games.
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Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26, 2022

Start and end: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.


Two days: 6 €

One day: 4 €

To buy tickets here

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