Valentine’s Day bookmarks for your bookish lover


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My darling is a pretty classic Valentine’s Day giver: I can count on flowers and chocolate, plus a smoochero or two. He would never buy me a book because A) he thinks I have too many (he’s very dumb) and B) he wouldn’t know where to start when choosing a book for me. Although I like flowers and chocolates, in a perfect world I would receive literary products as gifts every day of the year. A good solution ? Buy me bookmarks for Valentine’s Day, Valentine!

In the past, the closest I’ve come to using Valentine’s Day bookmarks has been using the real Valentine’s Day as bookmarks. While it’s far from the rarest thing to use as a bookmark, wouldn’t the world be a better place if I (and you, and your darling) had bookmarks inspired by love to keep our place in our favorite romance novel? Or bildungsroman? Or a horror manga? Whatever your love boat is, let’s mark it with a cool bookmark!

Good news for you, I’ve rounded up some of the coolest options, including free printable Valentine’s Day bookmarks, DIY Valentine’s Day bookmarks, and a few you can buy from top Etsy sellers. Some of them are ready to use as is while others will require pencils/paint/colored pencils/whatever you have. If you’re super crafty, just use these options as a starting point and show us the awesome stuff you come up with!

And if you need a valentine, check out this quiz to find out which book should be your valentine. You can also drop by to see other Valentine’s Day gifts for book lovers and be wowed with candles, chocolate and scarves. I can’t even believe how many problems I’m solving here: you’re welcome!

Free Printable Bookmarks for Valentine’s Day

You can find a few free printable Valentine’s Day bookmark options on ThirtyHandMadeDays. My favorite are these bright and bold beauties, although you can find more muted options and a few lighter colors at the link.

Printable Valentine's Day Bookmark

These printable V-day bookmarks are fun and entertaining – and free for personal use. Goal!

Valentine's Day Bookmarks Coloring Book

Whether your Valentine loves to color or you want to personalize your Valentine’s Day bookmarks by making your own coloring, these free printable bookmarks are perfect for creatives.

DIY V-Day Bookmarks

Speaking of creative, if you want to make your own Valentine’s Day bookmarks from scratch, these are just some of the best tutorials available.

DIY Bookmarks for Valentine's Day

This cute little paperclip-shaped DIY bookmark takes no more than a printer, a paperclip, and some felt. Even if you have no sewing experience, the instructions are pretty easy to follow.

Valentine's Day Washi Tape Bookmarks

If you’re like me and have around nine thousand rolls of Washi tape (or if you’re a more reasonable person and have at least a few), these DIY Washi tape bookmarks are worthwhile. They require a laminator or Mod Podge, which can be purchased inexpensively.

Origami Valentine's Day Bookmarks

If you have a few cute pieces of paper lying around, this Origami Valentine’s Day Bookmark is as easy as following a few simple instructions.

Valentine’s Day Bookmarks For Sale

If you don’t have time to create your own or want to leave the crafting to the pros, you can’t go wrong with these Etsy products.

Valentine's Quilted Bookmarks

I love these slightly more subtle quilted bookmarks. If you’d rather whisper Happy Valentine’s Day than shout it out, these would do just fine. $6

Gnome Valentine's Day Bookmarks

These are cute, gnome what do I mean? Sorry for the terrible pun – sometimes I can’t control myself. Please don’t let that stop you from checking out these really adorable gnome valentine bookmarks. $9

leather valentine bookmarks

Always be my leather heart, these leather bookmarks are a little too fancy for me, but if your valentine would like a coffee or wine colored bookmark, this is a good choice. $5

cherry blossom bookmark

What’s sweeter than cherry blossoms? If you think roses are sweeter, don’t worry – this floral bookmark is also available in pink. $9

If you’re not inspired by any of these options, check out 7 DIY bookmarks, browse some bookmarks for kids, or a treasure trove of the best Etsy bookmarks.


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