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Traveling is perhaps something most of us Malaysians crave, as it has been ages since neither of us have taken a family vacation! While inter-district travel is not on the horizon just yet, we could just get creative and research new experiences online.

How about virtually crossing the border?

VisitSingapore has gone a long way in providing a wide selection of online and digital experiences for families to enjoy together. There are loads of sites the kids would love and getting stuck at home won’t be boring anymore!

So, parents, why not take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and strengthen that bond by visiting different “places” including the Singapore Zoo, the National Art Gallery, the National Museum of Singapore and the SEA. Aquarium.

These programs are sure to promote creativity and provide conversation starters for parents with their children. The whole family can participate and reinvent their Singapore travel experiences.

There are great activities for kids of all ages and many of these online portals even have free activities so you don’t have to shell out big bucks for educational content. With so many day-to-day changes in accordance with security and SOPs, note that some of these activities and tours may be temporarily unavailable due to the local ground situation in Singapore.

Nonetheless, here are some highlights to whet your appetite and help you make informed choices for your next online family vacation!

Go behind the scenes at the popular WRS Elephants of Asia compound.

Hello from the wild side

From Wildlife Reserves Singapore, comes “Hello From The Wild Side”, claiming to be even wilder than before!

Here you can book a live interactive virtual experience and learn about the unique personalities of the WRS family – not just interactions with lovable creatures, but their care team as well.

Meet the guards who will be on site to discuss with you, share their passions and answer all your questions.

Look for the new “Zoo Explained!” A segment that features limited edition content each month.

There’s also the Backstage Pass, through which you can venture behind the scenes of the popular WRS Elephants of Asia compound. Get up close to these majestic gentle giants and even participate in their enrichment activities.

Maybe you’d like to send someone a message? There are a bunch of birds (and others) on hand to help you create a personalized one-minute video message for everyone you love.

The “Hello From The Wild Side” online sessions will be available until December 31st. Contributions are intended for WRS animal care and supporting wildlife conservation efforts, so you don’t just have fun, you care about wildlife conservation as well. Win-win. All sessions are held in English.

Children’s Biennial Gallery

The National Gallery Singapore is presenting the Children’s Biennale to more children around the world through its very first “phygital” experience.

Guided by the “Why Art Matters” survey, the Gallery’s Children’s Biennial seeks to empower children to navigate these changing times with empathy and confidence through playful and interactive artistic experiences.

Nine artists from Singapore and Southeast Asia designed new interactive online works and physical installations. These artists are Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan (Philippines), Nona Garcia (Philippines), Joyce Ho (Taiwan), Khvay Samnang (Cambodia), Dinh Q. Lê (Vietnam), Sandra Lee (Singapore), Nandita Mukand (India), Jeremy Sharma (Singapore) and Speak Cryptic (Singapore).

This biannual multisensory art experience will run until December 2022. There is plenty to watch and entertain yourself here.

Games galore for children of all ages.Games galore for children of all ages.

Singapore National Gallery

GalleryKids! consists of free in-home art activities and resources. Activities such as interactive games, art-inspired storytelling video sessions, and art tutorials can be viewed online or downloaded for kids ages 3-10 to get creative while still enjoying themselves. inspired by various works of art from the Gallery’s collection and special exhibitions.

The colorful design and layout should get your kids excited right off the bat. There is plenty to see and do and most kids should be able to navigate on their own, while parents check out Gallery Anywhere (presenting works by visual artists from the 19th century to the present day) or Stories in Light (with four modern photographers in Singapore).

Singapore National Museum

Recommended for families with children ages 1-10, #MuseumFromHome is a timeless repository of online resources and programs developed by the National Museum for the enjoyment of families.

Gather materials around the house and follow these craft video tutorials to make your own toys, participate in musical and motor activities inspired by the museum’s early learning resources.

In the Family Mindfulness videos, for example, you’ll virtually ‘tour’ some of the museum’s most popular spaces and practice mindfulness through fun activities, breathing exercises and relaxing stretches. These segments are accompanied by activity sheets that you can also download.

Be A Creative Toymaker inspires children to make their own toys; and the Moving Memories coloring activity allows you to download cute models of seven wall scenes by artist Yip Yew Chong (Kampung, Kopitiam, Putu Mayam Hawker, etc.). A simple but enjoyable activity for all members of the family!

SEA Aquarium Fun Academy

A series of interesting activities for children from kindergarten to elementary school to learn all about marine animals and ocean conservation.

Make an origami shark or fish bookmark from a toilet paper roll or play with crossword puzzles and word searches.

Spend a fun hour on a digital tour.Spend a fun hour on a digital tour.

Virtual tour by Everyday Touring Company

Many interesting tours here such as Singapore Food & Tasting Tour, Singapore Digital Food Tour will take you closer to the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of being in Singapore.

During this hour-long interactive online session, you will be guided through engaging, educational and fun online activities.

Another cool tour is the film tour. At just SG $ 19, you can “zoom in” and have a good time in the interactive Crazy Rich Asians adventure, which traces the various locations of the film.

This fun course is suitable for both movie buffs and those who wish to explore Singapore. Maybe you can watch the movie on a family night out and then enjoy the virtual tour afterwards! Enjoy!

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