Wakonda Elementary student shares positive message with Nickelodeon star in music collaboration | Music


“There’s not a lot of positive music here for young kids his age,” said Sydney Giddings, Sunny Gee’s mother. “She is spearheading this effort to change the world and spread positivity and love.”

Sunny Gee is 11 years old and in fifth grade at Wakonda Elementary School. She likes to dance and sing. Sunny has always been an “artist” and “full of personality,” her mother said. These attributes inspired his nickname “Sunny”. She combined the nickname with the first letter of her last name to create the stage name “Sunny Gee”.

Although Sunny Gee aims for her music to be both fun and uplifting, what inspires her music is a bit darker.

“I’ve been bullied a lot because of my weight, and my music helps me get over those feelings,” Sunny Gee said. “I think if it can help me, it can help other kids in my situation.”

Sunny Gee spreads positivity through her music, including “SWAGGA,” a collaboration with Nickelodeon star Alaya High.


Sydney said the music has helped her daughter gain more confidence and deal with bullies. Sunny Gee wanted to help bullied children in an additional way, so she created an anti-bullying school seminar called “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully.” During this seminar, she teaches about bullying, plays a game with the students and performs three songs.

“I hope little kids can understand that it’s not okay to do what they’re doing (bullying). This is something that needs to stop or need to be fixed,” Sunny Gee said.


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