watch master craftsmen in action at the launch of the homo faber event in venice


homo faber event reveals the art of craftsmanship

anyone who has been in Venice definitely visited st marks square, doge’s palace and rialto bridge. but how many have the opportunity to visit the 18th century looms of one of the oldest weaving workshops in the city or to observe one of the only gold leaf beaters still in activity? how about an Italian gondola carpenter meticulously crafting one of the iconic boats? organized by the michelangelo foundationthe gay faber invites guests physically and digitally on a self-guided and fully immersive tour through the lagoons of Venice’s hidden artisan addresses. with the Giorgio Cini Foundation exposure focusing on Japanese cultureworkshops, secular trades and galleries open their doors to the public while homo faber in città deploys the creative delights of the capital.

(above) fondazione giorgio cini-simone padovani | ©michelangelo foundation

(banner video) discover venice through homo faber | ©michelangelo foundation

all images courtesy of gay faber

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gathered by the michelangelo foundation for creativity and craftsmanship, the homo faber event is an international exhibition that showcases an impressive variety of materials, techniques and skills through live demonstrations, engaging digital experiences and imaginative displays of handmade works. imagined by a team of world-renowned curators and designersthe 15 spaces of Giorgio Cini Foundation transform scenographically to accommodate the works of artists. from functional everyday objects to decorative pieces, the 2022 edition highlights the role of craftsmanship in mastering a more sustainable and inclusive future. the event offers a rare chance to admire the prestigious work of a selection of japan’s living national treasures as well as to discover traditional techniques and their links with the arts and the world of design.

watch master craftsmen in action at the launch of the homo faber event in venice
craftswoman adele stefanelli painting her ceramics | ©luca loro di motta

homo faber in città plunges into the Venetian workshops

Venice is built on craftsmanship; whether in its striking architecture and finely restored hotels, in the staging of its opera productions or in the cuisine of its finest restaurants, the artisanal touch is omnipresent. away from the tourist crowds, the real charm lies in the workshops and small businesses tucked away in the alleyways. in addition to the main exhibition on the island of san giorgio maggiore located in the heart of the Venetian lagoon, homo faber in citta offers a fascinating city-wide tour.

the project gives people the opportunity to see the works of more than 60 artisans, makers, workshops, galleries and museums. the revelatory visit can be enjoyed either by following the specially selected thematic routes through the dedicated website and app, or by tailor-made personalized paths. while sailing, visitors can experience the daily life of a workshop, attend the demonstration of craftsmen’s know-how, try their hand at age-old crafts, attend an exhibition and buy tailor-made gifts made under their eyes.

watch master craftsmen in action at the launch of the homo faber event in venice
opera la fenice -simone padovani | ©michelangelo foundation

the visit continues with pastry chefs, tailors & glassmakers

visitors can see the backstage workshops of the famous ‘la fenice’ opera house, where the sets are brought to life by a team of skilled master craftsmen ranging from decorative painters to cabinet makers. in addition, the 18th century manual wooden looms of the traditional family textile manufactory ‘tessitura luigi bevilacqua’ are not to be missed as one can walk through the soprarizzo velvets, damasks, brocades, silks and satins. being the last fire-powered kiln in venice, ‘orsoni’ reveals the art of hand-cutting mosaics. from the endless hues of gemstones presented in the color library to the traditional of a glassmaker murano techniques, the life and history of the city continue to unfold.

tip in the family bakery ‘pasticceria dal nono colussi’ where the Venetian baicoli macaroons and fugitive fruit bread are being prepared. from there, a two-hour jewelry-making experience awaits you as you handcraft custom pieces using the lost-wax casting technique. the art of tailor-made shoemaking also opens its windows, exposing icing leather polishing technique, while a master tailor waits in his workshop for orders promising bespoke suits using trigonometry and mathematical calculations. Now equipped, the path leads to the gondola makers who bring the iconic boats to life. across the waters to burano, the island of colorful fishermen’s houses known for its lace-making tradition.


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