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ow may seem like the time to relax, but what if it is actually the time to broaden your mind? You have a golden opportunity to acquire the vital skills that you dreamed of mastering but never had the time to learn. But where do you start if you want to try origami or pottery, for example, or raise your soccer level?

Here is the good news. There’s a quick and easy way to get those wheels in motion – download TikTok. On the video sharing social network, you will find the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok where you can experience an exciting range of educational tutorials, focused on a wide range of topics.

Covering everything from DIY to beekeeping, the short videos are designed to make learning interesting and engaging – and most importantly, they’re free to watch, thanks to TikTok’s talented community of creators.

Sufficiently piqued interest? Here is a montage of some of the excellent lessons on offer …

How to move like a football pro

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If your goal is to figure out how to muscle someone on the pitch, turn to designers like Liv Cooke (@livcookefs). Its easy-to-follow tips and tricks will improve your footwork skills and allow you to perform other spectacular moves, such as the headrest, seated jugglers, and the rainbow movie.

How to make origami irises

“Keep calm and fold the origami.” In the midst of a pandemic, is there a more heartwarming sentence to read? This is the motto of illustrator / designer Kim (@kimigami) which reveals how to create beautiful shapes using the ancient art of paper folding. Although they may seem a bit complicated at first, following his hands videos and text instructions, you will soon see that these beautiful origami irises are only a few folds away.

How to master meringue kisses

Want your meringue kisses to be fluffy, pointy, and striped in color? Follow cooking expert Matt Adlard (@mattadlard). In a tasty tutorial, he reveals how to create the most delicious cuts in a series of simple steps. And that’s not all – other cooking skills he teaches include how to make pie crust decorations, design fancy pudding plates, and layering tiramisu.

How to mold a vase

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Watch Florian Gadsby (@floriangadsby) create a simple flower vase and you might think pottery is a skill that can be learned in just a few moments. In reality, it takes practice – and patience. But for a glimpse of what it entails, spend some quality time observing skilled potters like Florian at work on the lathe.

How to transform into Iron Man

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to step into the Iron Man suit, check out the British Aeronautical Innovation Company (@takeongravity). Through their breathtaking videos, you’ll learn about the latest developments in aeronautics – don’t try to replicate them at home) – or to put it another way, watch some pretty cool jetsuits in action.

Start your journey today: From how to say ‘hello’ in British Sign Language to how to propagate a plant, you’ll find fascinating and inspiring learning content on TikTok. Just open TIC Tac and search for #LearnOnTikTok to get started.

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