Xiaomi called on artist Josiah Chua to create a fashion collection


Fashion is not isolated. Over the decades, we have seen brands merging the realm of fashion with interiors, cuisine and art. These co-branded partnerships often shake up traditions and challenge artists and designers to broaden their horizons. With these idiosyncratic albeit innovative collaborations on the rise, we can only expect more bizarre partnerships. More recently, Xiaomi, a global technology leader, called on Singaporean stylist and designer Josiah Chua to produce a cutting-edge collection inspired by the brand’s latest accessible high-end smartphone, the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE.

Having participated in many prestigious design competitions and adept at all fashion related, the former Bunka College of Fashion student could not be a better choice for this project. “We see technology beyond its purpose and we want to push the boundaries of its integration into fashion and lifestyle. With Chua’s previous success in transforming everyday objects into something creative, we are excited about the innovation he will bring to reinvent the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE as a fashion piece, ”said Nicolas Shi, Managing Director of Xiaomi Singapore and Malaysia. “Through this collaboration, we want to expose Xiaomi users to more than the technological functions of the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE, but also to offer the space and opportunity for the smartphone to be a fashion statement that presents a personal style. . “

With futurism being the general theme of this collection, the multi-faceted artist focused heavily on the pastel, reflective tones of Bubblegum Blue and Peachy Pink, nodding to the exuberant colors of the latest smartphone. Comprised of a tracksuit, pants and combat boots, the collection uses futuristic elements with an interpretation of Singapore’s vision of a garden city; the combat boots feature 3D origami floral designs.

Taking inspiration from the device’s iridescent design, Chua used lightweight film and holographic organza to effortlessly recreate the sparkle. “I wanted to ‘sculpt with light’ when I first saw the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. The goal was to use materials and fabrics that resembled light to recreate the iridescent look of the phone, making it seem like I was “playing with light” as I reimagined light as a fashion piece. ” , said the famous local fashion designer. Bridging the gap between tech and fashion, Chua completed the look with Xiaomi charging cables as the drawstrings. No doubt, Chua is at the forefront of creativity.

While these ethereal fashion pieces are not available for purchase, Chua hopes to inspire others to dream big and constantly innovate through the visuals and his concept.


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